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About Us


In an industry drowning in companies known for dishonesty, bribery, and cutting corners, Zinger Rentals is a breath of fresh air. There is a very good reason why we have been the fastest growing rental company in our area since 2005 and one of the largest providers of light towers, combo units and portable toilets around. We give our customers a reason to call us back! We’re not perfect, but you can count on great equipment, fantastic service, and a clean and honest bill at the end.

Respect and Integrity guide us. As a leader in the rental & services industry, we keep pressing towards our goal: to be the best, offer the best, and serve the best.

If there is one thing that has won our customers hearts more than anything else, it is the way we BULK our services to bring costs down. Most rental bills from other companies are about 30% rental fees and 70% trucking and services. While we are more than happy to beat any rental rate, that is not why we are the best price around.

Give us a call and we’ll tell you how we do it.

If you are in Drayton Valley, Hinton or Fox Creek, or anywhere in between, Contact us for a complete and customized approach to your project and rental needs.

SteveN HolmstroM

President  & CEO



We do life together.

The Zinger team is like a family, and you’ll feel it. Mutual respect and honour for our unique strengths, talents and passions guide us. We are continually leading our invaluable team toward this goal: to be the best, offer the best, and serve the best. 

Cara HolmstroM

Chief Operating Officer

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