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The management of Zinger Oilfield Supplies Ltd. (Zinger Rentals) is committed to the safety of all its employees and all people with whom business is conducted.  The company’s goal is to protect employees, clients, the environment and the general public from unsafe conditions and to have an incident free workplace.   In order to achieve this standard, both management and employees strive to meet, or exceed, all legislative and operational requirements.


Zinger Rentals maintains a modern and high quality line of rental equipment that meets or exceeds requirements. Our units are either purchased or built to pertinent specifications, and are brought up to current specifications as required to provide safe standards and operations. All maintenance personnel are trained and equipped to service equipment to meet both legislative and industry standards. All equipment is cleaned prior to leaving our locations and is done with minimal environmental impact.

The company policy is held up by:


  • Complying with the appropriate Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Codes and Environmental Codes.

  • Communicating safety hazards to employees, contractors and sub-contractors.

  • Providing proper tools and equipment to prevent incidents and near misses.

  • Managers ensure that hazard assessments are being done with corrective action, training and monitoring employees in their safety performance.

  • Supervisors ensure proper promotion of environmental health and safety awareness and demonstration to the employees.  They hold pre-job meetings and ensure hazard assessments are being done with corrective actions taken.  Supervisors also provide training to their employees.

  • All workers are responsible for the safeguarding of their own health and safety, and the safety of other workers.  They also participate in safety related meetings.  Workers are required to report all unsafe acts and conditions to their supervisor.

ISNetworld Member Contractor
COR Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition
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